Balloon pumps From SWEDEN


Facts on Faster Blaster AB / Sveaplast :

  • Development of products and molds

  • ISO 9000 certified

  • Turnover 30 million with 13 employees

  • Made plastic parts from 1g to 4000g

  • 100-1000 ton injection molding machines

  • 2 500 m2 factory surface

  • Mounting, painting, welding, printing

  • Manage products with six-axis robots


Sveaplast started in 1973 by Nils Johansson with injection molding of various plastic parts and is an offshoot of Perstorp AB. The name Sveaplast comes from the founder Nils wife called Svea. Nils had problems finding a name that was approved and was then advised to name the the company after his wife.

1996 Bo Axmin took over the company. Sveaplast expanded by 343% in four years and received the gazelle. Perstorp pump became our most well known product. For years, Sveaplast has been a mentor company to the Trade Council and been able to share their export experience.

2009 bought Christina Fäldt Sveaplast, having worked at Sveaplast in nine years.


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Perstorp Pump - Power Pump - Faster Blaster II

We export to more than 30 countries including USA, Germany and Japan. 

Our French customers say that our pumps are the pump's Rolls Royce. 

Need one piece, or do you need 50 pieces or do you need 50 000 pcs? Email and we will give you a good offer.

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